Ready To Move 1bhk/2bhk Flats On Tambaram To Mudichur Road Near To Bus Stop

Ready to Move 1BHK / 2 BHK Flats are available with Exclusive Balcony and Covered Car Parking on 60 feet road. 6 Houses in Each Separate Blocks. Low Maintenance Cost. Basic cost for 1 BHK Flat starts from 17.5 Lakhs onwards. Rs 3600/- per sq,ft. CCP Extra cost. Bank loan can be arranged. Very near to 400 feet Outer Ring Road, Vandalur, Perungalathur, Padappai and Mannivakkam. Located in Centre place. Contact for Whatsapp Video and Photos.

Unless you’re facing major repairs to your home before putting it up for sale, preparing your home for the market won’t be as expensive as you think. If you look around at the neighbors’ homes and think you need to take out a loan to get your home in shape for the market, think again. There are some great low cost ways to spruce things up and get your home a lot more attention in a market that may be flooded with competition.

1. Get rid of all clutter with simple storage or shelving. If you’re not using it, then you’re storing it likely in plain view. Store it someplace else or at least disguise it in a decorative box or tidy shelf.

2. Put a shine on things with a fresh coat of paint or varnish. If you have hard wood floors and can’t afford to refinish them, give them a good washing with some wood soap or shine them up with finishing oil. You can use scratch cover to diminish those marks too.

3. Steam clean carpets and upholstery that look dingy or stained. If you’ve got a spot that won’t come up, try putting a rug or plant in its place or rearrange the furniture. For hopeless cases in outdated and forever damaged furniture, try slip covers or throws. If you can live without it, toss it out. Furniture these days is more affordable with stores like Big Lots, K-Mart and Wal-Mart carrying attractive pieces to update and freshen up your home.

4. Add color to your lawn with flowers and accessories or little embellishments to accent your doorway, porch or sidewalk. You’d be surprised what a difference a colorful arrangement makes or how cute a bird bath or small statue will look on your front lawn. If you’re not interested in adding to your garden or lawn, make sure the grass gets a close shave and keep your edges tidy.

5. After making a checklist of things that need to be fixed, tackle the small jobs yourself even if you don’t know anything about them. Rather than hire someone to do it for you, see if you can take a free clinic at your local hardware store or rent a how to video at the library and there are scads of books on how to tackle home projects yourself. If you need more help that a simple book, ask a friend who is more construction savvy to look over your shoulder when you begin the project.…

1 Bhk Flats With Balcony Near Mudichur Bus Stop On Tambaram To Padappai Road

6 Flats in a Block. Low Maintenance Cost. 1 BHK / 2 BHK Flats with Exclusive Balcony and Covered Car Parking @ Rs 3700/- per sq.ft. on 60 Feet Road. Very Near to Mudichur MTC Bus Stop. Costruction Over-Ready to Occupy. Contact Yogee Estates

If you are looking to sell your house fast for cash, you will find that the traditional method of selling your house through an estate agent can be a lengthy and problematic process. You would have to find a few agents to get comparisons, arrange for a valuation, paint & fix up your property, hold open days, show ‘browsers’ around, wait for an offer, negotiate a price, wait to see if the buyer can get a mortgage, wait if there is a chain involved, pay agent and lawyer fees, If sale fails – start again, all could be complete in 4 – 6 months if you’re lucky! You will also find that today’s UK housing market is not what it used to be, buyers are hard to find and most people that would like to buy are unable to get mortgages.

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