1 Bhk Flats With Balcony Near Mudichur Bus Stop On Tambaram To Padappai Road

6 Flats in a Block. Low Maintenance Cost. 1 BHK / 2 BHK Flats with Exclusive Balcony and Covered Car Parking @ Rs 3700/- per sq.ft. on 60 Feet Road. Very Near to Mudichur MTC Bus Stop. Costruction Over-Ready to Occupy. Contact Yogee Estates

If you are looking to sell your house fast for cash, you will find that the traditional method of selling your house through an estate agent can be a lengthy and problematic process. You would have to find a few agents to get comparisons, arrange for a valuation, paint & fix up your property, hold open days, show ‘browsers’ around, wait for an offer, negotiate a price, wait to see if the buyer can get a mortgage, wait if there is a chain involved, pay agent and lawyer fees, If sale fails – start again, all could be complete in 4 – 6 months if you’re lucky! You will also find that today’s UK housing market is not what it used to be, buyers are hard to find and most people that would like to buy are unable to get mortgages.

If you need a fast house sale for cash, then selling your house through estate agents is not the best way for you. An easier way to sell your house fast is to use property investors (cash buyers) who specialise in fast house sales. They offer to buy your house fast, no matter what condition it is in, so there would be no need to spend money painting or fixing up your property. One such company is Buy Sell Property Fast. They appreciate that everybody has different reasons for wanting a fast house sale, their services are tailored to meet your needs every step of the way.

One reason is that you may be selling your house fast to resolve your financial problems. If you are facing severe financial difficulty paying your mortgage, struggling to pay your household bills, car loans, your credit cards or other personal loans then specialist property investors can help stabilise your current financial position by quickly buying your house from you. This will help you avoid getting deeper into debt and also stop the threat of having your house repossessed.

Specialist property investors such as Buy Sell Property Fast can offer you a very fast property sale, usually within the course of a week or in extreme cases within 48 hours. This could allow you to repay and settle your outstanding mortgage and any loans that may have been secured on the property. Their legal team can confirm the sale of your property very quickly and put you back on track through financial stability.

You can also sell your house to them and then rent it back from them. It is very important to deal with this type of problem head on, don’t try to hide from it. If you take remedial action NOW, you can stop the repossession threat on your home.

Other reasons for wanting to sell your house fast include – Relocation or emigration, separation and divorce, bereavement, repossession, ill health, broken property chain or even a failed property investment.

Whatever your reason for selling, specialist property investors such as Buy Sell Property Fast can offer you a very fast property sale.…

Gated Community Plots Near Padappai and Oragadam

This Gated Community Residential Layout Ready To Build Houses Is Located Near 3000 Housing Board Houses Under Construction Near Padappai And Oragadam Behind Krishna Engg. College. All Roads Are 23 Feet Tar Roads. 24 Hours Security Is Available. 50% Private Loan Can Be Availed At 15% Annual Interest Repayable In 24 Emi. Houses Also Can Be Constructed As Per Customer Choice. Direct Bus Facility Up to Site From Padappai Bus Stand. Offer Price Rs. 650/- Free Registration, Patta, And Ec. Contact For Whatsapp Site Visit Video

In real estate, a buyer’s market looks a little different than it does in other industries. You can’t just slash your prices and undercut the other guy, can you? A house is not a Twinkie in a drug store. You have a bottom dollar and you need to get every time. Here are some ways you can be competitive and get your price.

1. Explore every possible selling point. You’ve heard it before, location is everything but when you’ve got five other houses down the street for sale location is a moot point! You live in the best school district but so does everyone else within half a mile. Do you live in a historical home with a great story behind it? Is your house on a one-way street or at the end of a cul de sac so traffic is at a minimum? Do you have a pool or indoor Jacuzzi? Have a separate sign made and park it next to the agency’s sign. Any and all selling points need to be aggressively marketed.

2. Check your competition. While you might not want to ask to see your neighbor’s house, check for their home online and see what they have to offer that you don’t. See what you can do to meet the challenge and look at the price. Whose price is more reasonable per square foot? If you are fairly underpriced, your home will likely sell first or you may want to reconsider your price if it’s too low.

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4. Consider selling the house yourself. An all but blank for sale by owner sign will not cut it. Be upfront about your price because some buyers will associate you with someone who couldn’t get their outrageous asking price. If your price is reasonable they may view you in a different light. Since neither the buyer nor seller will pay that real estate commission that gives you the chance to offer your house at a lower price and not miss a beat. The buyer will be happy to save the commission for needed cash at closing. With so many homes for sale in the neighborhood, potential buyers will be driving by your home. Why pay for that advertising yourself if you don’t have to?3. Shop for an agent. If you were hiring someone to work for you, wouldn’t you interview them? Don’t make the mistake that an agent is an agent because they all want the same thing. Everyone has a first day on the job so ask an agency for a seasoned real estate agent. Then interview the agent by asking them a few simple questions. Start by asking them what they love about the house, what features of the home will make it sell, what needs to be changed and what homes are going for of that caliber. If the agent isn’t excited about your house or answers poorly in your opinion then move on.…

Independent Houses As Well As Plots For Immediate Construction Next To Tata Housing At Padappai Serappananchery

Plots as well as Independent Houses Beside Tata Housing, and opposite to Danish Ahmed Engineering College, in Padappai Serappananchery, Walkable distance from MTC Bus Stop and Vandalur – Kanchipuram 4 Lane Highway and very close to Oragadam Junction. Located very near to 1000 years old Sri Vimeeshwarar Temple.
ALL RECTANGULAR PLOTS– PLOT SIZES 594 (18X33) SQ.FT., 675 (25X27) SQ.FT., 680 (20X34) SQ.FT., 1020 (30X34) SQ.FT., 1080 (20X54) SQ.FT., 1188 (36X33) SQ.FT., 1360 (40X34) SQ.FT.
Construction work started in Layout.
Individual House Cost starts from Rs.14 Lakhs* onwards including Land Cost. Plot Cost @ Rs.875/- per sq.ft.

Selling a home is not as easy as 123. It requires a lot of time, planning and effort. You will also have to be determined to be able to sell your home successfully. There are people who have finished more than a year trying to sell their homes in vain. They end up selling them at a price that is like throwing away.

Finding qualified buyers for your home is the beginning of getting your home’s worth. Once you start advertising your home for sale different kinds of people will be coming to you giving you offers. They will range from real estate agents to brokers, companies to individuals. All of these people might be qualified or not. The trick to Finding qualified buyers for your home is to first find your home’s value. By knowing the value you will be in a better position to know if a buyer is qualified.

A buyer who approaches you with an installment plan to buy your home should be avoided. This option should be only used if only you can confidently confirm that they are creditworthy and not conmen. In today’s world, people are finding ways and means of swindling innocent people in order to make a quick buck. So finding qualified buyers for your home should not be taken for granted.

One can also know if a buyer is qualified by the offer they are giving and their dress code. For example, if you are selling a home worth half a million dollars, someone in sandals, jeans, and a t-shirt is most likely a person who is only interested in finding out how much a home like yours costs. However, a person in a business that is perfectly fitting is more likely to be a potential buyer. However, he may also be a conman so be careful.

Generally, anyone who will want to buy your home will tour it and be very inquisitive on issues concerning the home. They will also be serious when inquiring about the home. Offers that such people make will be very realistic as they will be very close to what you had originally quoted.

Those are the simplest methods in finding qualified buyers for your home. Precaution is advised at all times during these transactions. It is always advisable to have an extra person or two when finalizing the sale. This person should be someone plus your Attorney.…